Puppy Hugs is located on a 90-acre farm near Remer, MN. We provide a safe, spacious, warm and loving home for our little treasures. Being a conscientious breeder, all of Puppy Hugs puppies are born in our home and raised with tender loving care for the first few weeks; then slowly introduced into family life.

Puppy Hugs initially started as a hunting dog breeder. As we grew in size, Yorkshire Terriers were added to our brood. We thoroughly enjoyed raising the Yorkies and gradually have developed a preference for the smaller breeds. They have such wonderful personalities and each puppy is uniquely special.

During our search for quality Yorkies, we came across the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and it was love at first sight. With their friendly, affectionate personality and silky coat, we knew they would fit right in with our canine family.

We wanted to raise puppies with hair rather than fur; to enable families with allergic tendencies a chance to bring a pet into their homes…and then came the Designer Breeds!

All Puppy Hugs puppies are up to date with their shots and worming—per vet requirements. Each puppy comes with a written 1-year guarantee. Before purchasing a puppy, please read our section, Adopting A Puppy.

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Puppy Hugs
Remer, MN 56672

Lynn Schneider
218-566-1226 | 218-256-1686 (cell)


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